Dotsies – A New Way To Read

This is just a fantastic way to waste half an hour.

Go to and have a read. If you’re into typography or crypto (it’s not crypto, but it’s obscure enough that no-one’ll be able to read it) then I’d expect you to like this.

On their main page they use a really interesting method to help you learn the font by gradually removing the normal letters until you’re reading it unaided at the bottom of the page.

There’s a bookmarklet that lets you convert any page you’re reading to dotsies, but personally, I find it hard to read simply because the font is too small. A couple of hits of Ctrl-+ though and it’s fine.

Nerd fun 🙂

WordPress Child Themes

The site you’re looking at is styled with a child theme. WordPress introduced child themes in version 2.7 and they’re great. It means that you can cleanly modify an existing theme, and if the original writer publishes an update, your changes will simply be applied on top of theirs. The CSS file for the theme I’m using now looks like this:

Theme Name: Ari Cerealkillers Child Theme
Description: Minor modifications to Ari
Author: Stephen Willey
Author URI:
Version: 0.1
Template: ari
@import url("../ari/style.css");
ul.really_simple_twitter_widget li {
	border-bottom:1px dotted #CCCCCC;
ul.really_simple_twitter_widget li:last-of-type {
.widget_sociallinks { width:100px; }
ul.sidebar li.widget_sociallinks { float:left }
ul.sidebar li.widget_sociallinks a.lfp {
	background:url(images/lfp-icon.png) 0 0 no-repeat;
.wp_syntax { border:none !important; }

You can see that all I’ve done is add some styling to the ‘Latest Tweets’ widget on the right, and set a fixed width for the social links on the left (it helps them appear in a nice grid on mobile devices). If elmastudio (whose themes are fantastic) publish a change, I can just update through the admin interface and all should be well.

Child themes. Use ’em. They’re great. Find more info on the codex here